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Paper is one of the most versatile materials in the world. Its properties are intriguing, and its qualities keep unfolding in more and more new areas of application. With all these opportunities and possibilities, we are also changing as a company and together with our customers we are creating new solutions.

Welcome to the Felix Schoeller Group.

Here you can find out where we come from and in which direction we are developing. You can see what is inspiring us for the future – and above all, what we can offer you today.

A propos de nous

logo multigraphicDepuis 1990, MultiGraphic vous accompagne pour vous aider à concevoir, planifier, financer, et mettre en œuvre vos projets dans les arts graphiques. MultiGraphic est devenu un spécialiste international en arts graphiques par son grand savoir-faire et son importante maîtrise technologique de la chaîne graphique.

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12 juin 2019

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